Welcome to the official documentation of HermesPy, the Heterogeneous Radio Mobile Simulator.

HermesPy is a semi-static link-level simulator based on time-driven mechanisms. It aims to enable the simulation and evaluation of transmission protocols deployed by multi-RAT wireless electromagnetic communication and sensing devices. It specifically targets researchers, engineers and students interested in wireless communication and sensing.

Within an easily expandable, holistic framework users can investigate

  • Bit error detection and error-correcting codes

  • Communication symbol mappings

  • Signal modulations and their respective waveforms

  • Wireless communication channels

  • Channel pre-coding and equalization

  • Interference between multiple multi-antenna heterogeneous devices

  • Sensing algorithms and KPIs

HermesPy may be used in one of two modes of operation:

  1. As a command line tool for Monte-Carlo simulations of wireless transmission scenarios. This allows one to define complex simulation scenarios by means of YML configuration files. See Getting Started -> Command Line Tool for further information.

  2. As a plug-in library for the simulation of realistic wireless transmissions within your own python projects. Only specific HermesPy modules can be thus picked up needed, or more complex simulation scenarios can be built using Python code. See Getting Started -> Library for further information.