Correlation Synchronization#

class OFDMCorrelationSynchronization(threshold=0.9, guard_ratio=0.8, peak_prominence=0.2, *args, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: CorrelationSynchronization[OFDMWaveform]

Correlation-Based Pilot Detection and Synchronization for OFDM Waveforms.

  • threshold (float, optional) – Correlation threshold at which a pilot signal is detected.

  • guard_ratio (float, optional) – Guard ratio of frame duration.

  • peak_prominence (float, optional) – Minimum peak prominence for peak detection in the interval (0, 1]. \(0.2\) is a good default value for most applications.

  • *args (Any) – Synchronization base class initialization parameters.

yaml_tag: Optional[str] = 'OFDM-PilotCorrelation'#

YAML serialization tag.