Device Output#

class DeviceOutput(mixed_signal)[source]#

Bases: HDFSerializable

Base class for the output of a device.


mixed_signal (Signal) – Mixed signal emerging from the device.

property carrier_frequency: float#

Carrier frequency at which the device operates.

Returns: Carrier frequency in Hz.

property emerging_signals: Sequence[Signal]#

Models of electromagnetic signals generated by the device.

Returns: List of signal models.

property mixed_signal: Signal#

Combined signal of the device’s transmissions.

Returns: Signal model of the device’s electromagnetic transmission.

property num_antennas: int#

Number of transmitting device antennas.

Returns: Number of antennas.

property num_emerging_signals: int#

Number of emerging signal models.

Returns: Count of models.

property sampling_rate: float#

Sampling rate at which the device operates.

Returns: Sampling rate in Hz.