Communication Evaluator

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.modem.evaluators.CommunicationEvaluator

Communication evaluators are the common base class of all evaluators estimating performance metrics of communication systems.

class CommunicationEvaluator(transmitting_modem, receiving_modem, plot_surface=True)[source]

Bases: Evaluator, ABC

Base class for evaluating communication processes between two modems.

  • transmitting_modem (TransmittingModem) – Modem transmitting information.

  • receiving_modem (ReceivingModem) – Modem receiving information.

  • plot_surface (bool, optional) – Plot the surface of the evaluation result in two-dimensional grids. Defaults to True.

generate_result(grid, artifacts)[source]

Generates an evaluation result from the artifacts collected over the whole simulation grid.

  • grid (Sequence[GridDimension]) – The Simulation grid.

  • artifacts (np.ndarray) – Numpy object array whose dimensions represent grid dimensions.

Return type:



The evaluation result.

property receiving_modem: ReceivingModem

Modem receiving information.

Denoted by \((\beta)\) within the respective equations.

property transmitting_modem: TransmittingModem

Modem transmitting information.

Denoted by \((\alpha)\) within the respective equations.