Antenna Port

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.simulation.antennas.SimulatedAntennaPort
class SimulatedAntennaPort(antennas=None, pose=None, rf_chain=None)[source]

Bases: AntennaPort[SimulatedAntenna, SimulatedAntennaArray]

Port within a simulated antenna array.

  • antennas (Sequence[SimulatedAntenna], optional) – Sequence of antennas connected to this antenna port. If not specified, an empty sequence is assumed.

  • pose (Transformation, optional) – The antenna’s position and orientation with respect to its array.

  • rf_chain (RfChain, optional) – The antenna’s RF chain. If not specified, the connected device’s default RF chain is assumed.

property rf_chain: RfChain | None

The antenna’s RF chain.