A/D Conversion

Analog-to-digital conversion is the process of converting analog signals from a sensor such as an antenna to a digitally sampled representation, and vice-versa. The analog-to-digial-converter (ADC) is usually the last stage of a receive chain and the digial-to-analog-converter (DAC) is the first stage of a transmit chain.

HermesPy’s digital conversion modeling considers quantization noise stemming from the fact that digital representations of analog signals are only an apprixmate representation in amplitude. Additionally, ADC’s require gain control in order to adjust the input signal to the ADC’s dynamic range.

Configuring a SimulatedDevice's analog-digital conversion model requires setting the adc property of the device’s rf_chain:

1# Create a new device
2simulation = Simulation()
3device = simulation.new_device()
5# Configure a custom analog-digital conversion model
6adc = AnalogDigitalConverter()
7device.rf_chain.adc = adc

The model can be further refined by specifying the quantization and gain control properties.

1# Further configure the device's ADC
2adc.num_quantization_bits = 16
3adc.quantizer_type = QuantizerType.MID_RISER
4adc.gain = AutomaticGainControl()