Duplex Operation#

class DuplexOperator(device=None, reference=None, seed=None)[source]#

Bases: Transmitter[TransmissionType], Receiver[ReceptionType], Generic[TransmissionType, ReceptionType]

Operator binding to both transmit and receive slots of any device.


device (Device, optional) – Device the duplex operator operates.

property device: Device | None#

Device this object is assigned to.

None if this object is currently considered floating / unassigned.

abstract property frame_duration: float#

Duration of a single sample frame in seconds.

Denoted as \(T_{\mathrm{F}}\) of unit \(\left[ T_{\mathrm{F}} \right] = \mathrm{s}\) in literature.

abstract property sampling_rate: float#

The operator’s preferred sampling rate in Hz.

Denoted as \(f_{\mathrm{S}}\) of unit \(\left[ f_{\mathrm{S}} \right] = \mathrm{Hz} = \tfrac{1}{\mathrm{s}}\) in literature.