Perfect Isolation

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.simulation.isolation.perfect.PerfectIsolation

The perfect isolation implementation is HermesPy’s default isolation assumption, leaking no power from transmit to receive antennas and therfore modeling perfect / ideal isolation.

Configuring a SimulatedDevice's with a perfect isolation model is achived by setting the isolation property of an instance..

1# Create a new device
2simulation = Simulation()
3device = simulation.new_device()
5# Specify the device's isolation model
6device.isolation = PerfectIsolation()
class PerfectIsolation(device=None)[source]

Bases: Serializable, Isolation

Perfect isolation model without leakage between RF chains.


device (SimulatedDevice, optional) – Device the model is configured to.


Compute leakage between RF transmit and receive chains.


signal (Signal, None) – The signal transmitted over the respective antenna RF chains.

Return type:


Returns: The signal components leaking into receive chains.

  • FloatingError – If the device is not specified.

  • ValueError – If the number of signal streams does not match the number of transmitting antennas.

  • ValueError – If signal is not specified but required.