Device Transmission

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.simulation.simulated_device.SimulatedDeviceTransmission
class SimulatedDeviceTransmission(operator_transmissions, emerging_signals, trigger_realization, sampling_rate, num_antennas, carrier_frequency)[source]

Bases: DeviceTransmission, SimulatedDeviceOutput

Information generated by transmitting over a simulated device.

  • operator_transmissions (Sequence[Transmission]) – Information generated by transmitting over transmit operators.

  • emerging_signals (Signal | Sequence[Signal]) – Signal models emerging from the device.

  • trigger_realization (TriggerRealization) – Trigger realization modeling the time delay between a drop start and frame start.

  • sampling_rate (float) – Device sampling rate in Hz during the transmission.

  • num_antennas (int) – Number of transmitting device antennas.

  • carrier_frequency (float) – Device carrier frequency in Hz.

  • ValueError – If sampling_rate is greater or equal to zero.

  • ValueError – If num_antennas is smaller than one.

classmethod From_SimulatedDeviceOutput(output, operator_transmissions)[source]
Return type: