Matched Filtering

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.jcas.matched_filtering.MatchedFilterJcas
class MatchedFilterJcas(max_range, device=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: DuplexJCASOperator[CommunicationWaveform], Serializable

Joint Communication and Sensing Operator.

A combination of communication and sensing operations. Senses the enviroment via a correlatiom-based time of flight estimation of transmitted waveforms.


max_range (float) – Maximally detectable range in m.

property frame_duration: float

Duration of a single sample frame in seconds.

Denoted as \(T_{\mathrm{F}}\) of unit \(\left[ T_{\mathrm{F}} \right] = \mathrm{s}\) in literature.

property max_range: float

Maximally Estimated Range.


The maximum range in m.


ValueError – If max_range is smaller or equal to zero.

property power: float

Expected power of the transmitted signal in Watts.


Applies only to the signal-carrying parts of the transmission, silent parts shuch as guard intervals should not be considered.

property range_resolution: float

Resolution of the Range Estimation.


Resolution in m.

Return type:



ValueError – If the range resolution is smaller or equal to zero.

property sampling_rate: float

The operator’s preferred sampling rate in Hz.

Denoted as \(f_{\mathrm{S}}\) of unit \(\left[ f_{\mathrm{S}} \right] = \mathrm{Hz} = \tfrac{1}{\mathrm{s}}\) in literature.