Device Reception#

class SimulatedDeviceReception(impinging_signals, leaking_signal, baseband_signal, operator_separation, operator_inputs, noise_realizations, trigger_realization, operator_receptions)[source]#

Bases: ProcessedSimulatedDeviceInput, DeviceReception

Information generated by receiving over a simulated device and its operators.

  • impinging_signals (Sequence[Sequence[Signal]] | Sequence[Signal]) – Sequences of signal models impinging onto the device from each linked device.

  • leaking_signal (Signal) – Signal leaking from transmit to receive chains.

  • baseband_signal (Signal) – Baseband signal model from which the operator inputs are generated.

  • operator_separation (bool) – Is the operator separation flag enabled?

  • operator_inputs (Sequence[Signal]) – Information cached by the device operators.

  • noise_realization (Sequence[NoiseRealization]) – Noise realizations for each receive operator.

  • trigger_realization (TriggerRealization) – Trigger realization modeling the time delay between a drop start and frame start.

  • operator_receptions (Sequence[Reception]) – Information inferred from receive operators.

classmethod From_ProcessedSimulatedDeviceInput(device_input, operator_receptions)[source]#

Initialize a simulated device reception from a device input.

  • device (ProcessedSimulatedDeviceInput) – The simulated device input.

  • operator_receptions (Sequence[Reception]) – Information received by device operators.

Return type:


Returns: The initialized object.