Reception Frame

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.modem.modem.CommunicationReception
class CommunicationReceptionFrame(signal, decoded_signal, symbols, decoded_symbols, timestamp, equalized_symbols, encoded_bits, decoded_bits)[source]

Bases: HDFSerializable

A single synchronized frame of information generated by receiving over a modem.

Returned when calling the receive method of a ReceivingModem instance.

decoded_bits: ndarray

Received decoded data bits after error correction.

decoded_signal: Signal

Communication base-band waveform after MIMO stream decoding.

decoded_symbols: Symbols

Received communication symbols after precoding stage.

encoded_bits: ndarray

Received encoded data bits before error correction.

equalized_symbols: Symbols

Equalized communication symbols.

signal: Signal

Communication base-band waveform.

symbols: Symbols

Received communication symbols.

timestamp: float

Time at which the frame was transmitted in seconds.