class Transmitter(seed=None, selected_transmit_ports=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: MixingOperator[TransmitterSlot], Generic[TransmissionType], RandomNode

Operator transmitting over a device.

  • seed (int, optional) – Random seed used to initialize the pseudo-random number generator.

  • selected_transmit_ports (Sequence[int] | None) – Indices of antenna ports selected for transmission from the operated Device's antenna array. If not specified, all available ports will be considered.

  • *args – Operator base class initialization parameters.

  • **kwargs – Operator base class initialization parameters.


Update the information resulting from the latest transmission.

Called by the transmit routine.


transmission (TransmissionType) – The transmission to be cached.

Return type:


transmit(duration=0.0, cache=True)[source]

Transmit a signal.

Registers the signal samples to be transmitted by the underlying device.

Wrapper around the abstract _transmit method.

  • duration (float, optional) – Duration of the transmitted signal. If not specified, the duration will be inferred by the transmitter.

  • cache (bool, optional) – Cache the transmission by the transmitter. Enabled by default.

Return type:

TypeVar(TransmissionType, bound= Transmission)


Information generated while transmitting over this operator.


FloatingError – If the transmitter is currently considered floating.

property device: Device | None

Device this object is assigned to.

None if this object is currently considered floating / unassigned.

property num_transmit_antennas: int

Number of considered receiving antennas.

property num_transmit_ports: int

Number of considered transmitting ports.

abstract property power: float

Expected power of the transmitted signal in Watts.


Applies only to the signal-carrying parts of the transmission, silent parts shuch as guard intervals should not be considered.

property selected_transmit_ports: Sequence[int] | None

Indices of antenna ports selected for transmission from the operated Device's antenna array.

If None, all available transmit ports will be considered.


ValueError – If the selected ports don’t match the configured device’s transmit antenna array configuration.

property transmission: TransmissionType | None

Recent transmission of the transmitter.

Updated during the transmit routine. None if the cache has been cleared or transmit has not been called yet.