Least Squares Channel Estimation#

class OFDMLeastSquaresChannelEstimation(waveform=None)[source]#

Bases: ChannelEstimation[OFDMWaveform], Serializable

Least-Squares channel estimation for OFDM waveforms.


waveform (CommunicationWaveform, optional) – The waveform generator this estimation routine is attached to.

estimate_channel(symbols, delay=0.0)[source]#

Estimate the wireless channel of a received communication frame.

  • symbols (Symbols) – Demodulated communication symbols.

  • delay (float, optional) – The considered frame’s delay offset to the drop start in seconds.

Return type:


Returns: The symbols and their respective channel states.

yaml_tag: Optional[str] = 'OFDM-LS'#

YAML serializtion tag