Radar Evaluator#

class RadarEvaluator(receiving_radar, radar_channel)[source]#

Bases: Evaluator, ABC

Bastract base class for evaluating sensing performance.

Inherits from the abstract Evaluator base class. Expects the abstract method evaluate() as well as the abstract properties abbreviation and title to be implemented.

There are currently three different RadarEvaluators implemented:

  • receiving_radar (Radar) – Radar under test.

  • radar_channel (RadarChannelBase) – Radar channel modeling a desired target.


ValueError – If the receiving radar is not an operator of the radar_channel receiver.

generate_result(grid, artifacts)[source]#

Generates an evaluation result from the artifacts collected over the whole simulation grid.

  • grid (Sequence[GridDimension]) – The Simulation grid.

  • artifacts (np.ndarray) – Numpy object array whose dimensions represent grid dimensions.

Return type:



The evaluation result.

property radar_channel: RadarChannelBase#

The considered radar channel.

property receiving_device: SimulatedDevice#

Device receiving from the evaluated channel.

property receiving_radar: Radar#

Radar detector, the output of which is to be evaluated.

property transmitting_device: SimulatedDevice#

Device transmitting into the evaluated channel.