Delay Calibration

class DelayCalibration(delay, physical_device=None)[source]

Bases: DelayCalibrationBase, Serializable

Static delay calibration

static Estimate(device, max_delay, num_iterations=10, wait=0.0)[source]

Estimate a physical device’s inherent transmit-receive delay.

Ideally, the transmit and receive channels of the device should be connected by a patch cable. WARNING: An attenuator element may be required! Be careful!!!!

  • device (PhysicalDevice) – The physical device to calibrate, i.e. the device of which a delay is to be estimated.

  • max_delay (float) – The maximum expected delay which the calibration should compensate for in seconds.

  • num_iterations (int, optional) – Number of calibration iterations. Default is 10.

  • wait (float, optional) – Idle time between iteration transmissions in seconds. Zero by default.

Return type:


Returns: An initialized delay calibration instance.

property delay: float

Expected transmit-receive delay in seconds.