Fixed Cross Section#

class FixedCrossSection(cross_section)[source]#

Bases: RadarCrossSectionModel

Model of a fixed cross section.

Can be interpreted as a spherical target floating in space.


cross_section (float) – The cross section in \(\mathrm{m}^2\).

get_cross_section(_, __)[source]#

Query the model’s cross section.

  • impinging_direction (Direction) – Direction from which a far-field source impinges onto the cross section model.

  • emerging_direction (Direction) – Direction in which the scatter wave leaves the cross section model.

Return type:


Returns: The assumed cross section in \(m^2\).

property cross_section: float#

The assumed cross section.

Returns: The cross section in \(\mathrm{m}^2\).


ValueError – For cross sections smaller than zero.