Simulated Drop#

class SimulatedDrop(timestamp, device_transmissions, channel_realizations, device_receptions)[source]#

Bases: Drop

Drop containing all information generated during a simulated wireless scenario transmission, channel propagation and reception.

  • timestamp (float) – Time at which the drop was generated.

  • device_transmissions (Sequence[DeviceTransmission]) – Transmitted device information.

  • channel_realizations (Sequence[Sequence[DirectiveChannelRealization]]) – Realizations of the wireless channels over which the simualation propagated device transmissions.

  • device_receptions (Sequence[ProcessedSimulatedDeviceReception]) – Received device information.

property channel_realizations: Sequence[Sequence[DirectiveChannelRealization]]#

Channel realizations over which signals were propagated.

Returns: Two-dimensional numpy matrix with each entry corresponding to the respective device link’s channel.