OFDM Radar

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.jcas.ofdm_radar.OFDMRadar

A radar implementation estimation range-doppler maps from OFDM symbols as suggested by [1].

class OFDMRadar(device=None, waveform=None, selected_transmit_ports=None, selected_receive_ports=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: DuplexJCASOperator[OFDMWaveform], Serializable

A joint communication and sensing approach estimating a range-power profile from OFDM symbols.

Refer to [1] for the original publication.

  • device (Device, optional) – Device this operator operating. Operator is considered floating by default.

  • waveform (CWT, optional) – Communication waveform emitted by this operator.

  • selected_transmit_ports (Sequence[int], optional) – Selected transmit ports of the device.

  • selected_receive_ports (Sequence[int], optional) – Selected receive ports of the device.

property max_range: float

Maximum range detectable by OFDM radar.

Defined by equation (12) in [1] as

\[d_\mathrm{max} = \frac{c_0}{2 \Delta f} \quad \text{.}\]

Returns: Maximum range in m.

property max_relative_doppler: float

The maximum relative doppler shift detectable by the OFDM radar in Hz.

property power: float

Expected power of the transmitted signal in Watts.


Applies only to the signal-carrying parts of the transmission, silent parts shuch as guard intervals should not be considered.

property range_resolution: float

Range resolution achievable by OFDM radar.

Defined by equation (13) in [1] as

\[\Delta r = \frac{c_0}{2 B} = \frac{c_0}{2 N \Delta f} = \frac{d_{\mathrm{max}}}{N} \quad \text{.}\]
property relative_doppler_resolution: float

The relative doppler resolution achievable by the OFDM radar in Hz.