Schmidl Cox Pilot

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.modem.waveforms.orthogonal.ofdm.SchmidlCoxPilotSection
class SchmidlCoxPilotSection(pilot_elements=None, wave=None)[source]

Bases: PilotSection[OFDMWaveform]

Pilot Symbol Section of the Schmidl Cox Algorithm.

Refer to Schmidl and Cox[1] for a detailed description.

  • pilot_elements (Symbols, optional) – Symbols with which the subcarriers within the pilot will be modulated. By default, a pseudo-random sequence from the frame mapping will be generated.

  • wave (OWT, optional) – The waveform configuration this pilot section is associated with.

yaml_tag: Optional[str] = 'SchmidlCoxPilot'

YAML serialization tag