Device Reception

Inheritance diagram of hermespy.core.device.DeviceReception
class DeviceReception(impinging_signals, operator_inputs, operator_receptions)[source]

Bases: ProcessedDeviceInput

Information generated by receiving over a device and its operators.

  • impinging_signals (Signal | Sequence[Signal]) – Numpy vector containing lists of signals impinging onto the device.

  • operator_inputs (Sequence[Signal]) – Information cached by the device operators.

  • operator_separation (bool) – Is the operator separation flag enabled?

  • operator_receptions (Sequence[Reception]) – Information inferred from receive operators.

classmethod From_ProcessedDeviceInput(device_input, operator_receptions)[source]

Initialize an instance from a processed device input.

  • device_input (ProcessedDeviceInput) – The processed device output.

  • operator_receptions (List[OperatorReceptions]) – List of operator receptions.

Return type:

TypeVar(DRT, bound= DeviceReception)

Returns: The initialized object.

classmethod Recall(group, device)[source]
Return type:

TypeVar(DRT, bound= DeviceReception)

property num_operator_receptions: int

Number of operator receptions.

Returns: Number of receptions.

property operator_receptions: Sequence[Reception]

Information transmitted by device operators.

Returns: Operator information.