Turbo Coding

A Python wrapper around the AFF3CT [1] project, transferring the Turbo [2] implementations to the Hermes forward error correction pipeline structure.

class TurboCoding(self: hermespy.fec.aff3ct.turbo.TurboCoding, arg0: int, arg1: int, arg2: int, arg3: int)

Bases: pybind11_object

  • bit_block_size (int) – Number of data bits per block to be encoded.

  • poly_a (int) – Trellis graph polynomial dimension alpha.

  • poly_b (int) – Trellis graph polynomial dimension beta.

  • num_iterations (int) – Number of iterations during decoding.

decode(self: hermespy.fec.aff3ct.turbo.TurboCoding, arg0: numpy.ndarray[numpy.int32]) numpy.ndarray[numpy.int32]

Decode a block of code bits to data bits.


code (numpy.ndarray) – The code bit block to be decoded.


The data bit block after decoding.

encode(self: hermespy.fec.aff3ct.turbo.TurboCoding, arg0: numpy.ndarray[numpy.int32]) numpy.ndarray[numpy.int32]

Encode a block of data bits to code bits.


data (numpy.ndarray) – The data bit block to be encoded.


The code bit block after encoding.

property bit_block_size

Number of bits within a data block to be encoded.

property code_block_size

Number of bits within a code block to be decoded.

enabled = True
property num_iterations

Number of iterations during decoding.